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Vegan Noodles are now available in Canada!

INTRODUCING a Vegan instant noodle that is bursting with flavour and free of MSG or harmful additives ready to be stocked at your store.

Premium Packaging

Beautifully packaged and cello sealed with specially designed lids for effortless stacking


Vegan Noodles are suitable for grocers looking to offer a healthy and delicious alternative cup of noodles to their customers

Shipping Ready

Vegan Noodles ships in retail display ready packaging

100% Vegan

Free from meat, fish, egg, and milk products. This would make an ideal hot snack or light meal for vegans or people with egg/dairy allergies.

VEGAN NOODLES come with a hearty portion of ramen noodles and:

  • A tasty liquid soup stock flavoured with plenty of sesame, chili, and spicy/savory seasonings.
  • Dried garnishes of sesame seeds, bok choy, edamame, tofu, and chili flakes.

VEGAN NOODLES deliver an authentic culinary experience that is healthy and satisfying. Everyone, including vegans and non-vegans will enjoy eating this absolutely delicious instant noodle.

VEGAN NOODLES IS A COLLABORATION with the famous T’s Restaurant in Tokyo. This is the industry’s first instant cup noodle that uses no animal ingredients, chemical seasonings, or alcohol preservatives.

MADE IN JAPAN BY RENOWNED specialty food company Yamadai under the careful supervision of T’s Restaurant. The noodles are created using whole-grained, non-fried noodles, vegetables, and savory spices to replicate the signature Tan-Tan noodle texture and broth flavour.

Interested in stocking Vegan Noodles?